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Fountain Plaza - Egmore

  • Category:Malls and Super Markets, Shopping
  • Type: shopping malls
  • Phone: 044-28193284
  • Address: # 114, Pantheon Road,
    Chennai - 600008.
  • LandMark: Opp Museum

Fountain Plaza is also one of the older malls with a famous chaat and samosa wala at the rear end to satisfy your taste buds when you are in the throes of your shopping. From an antique shop to a lingerie shop to UniverCell, you have it all here.

Editorial Review

Fountain Plaza is also known for its reasonably priced material, clothes, shoes, jewelry, snacks, tailoring and just about everything else. A number of tailors frequent this place because it is THE place to match your dupattas. There are a number of stores here that deal with material...

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