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Home accessories at Home Centre | Chennai

What you see – With large glass display windows, Home Centre is a hot spot in Alwarpet, Chennai for those shopping for home accessories. It is one of the largest home accessories store in the city, and is an offshoot of the Lifestyle group.

What you get – Home Centre has a large collection of cutlery, candles, candle-stands, chairs, dining sets and sofa sets. Walk into the store, and you will be greeted by three-tier shelves close-fittingly filled with linen napkins, napkin holders, napkin rings in various colors – beige, orange, yellow - and a collection of aprons.

On another shelf will be stacked fancy mugs – one with a cow printed on it and carved into the handle; another bright green mug that could easily double up as a pen stand and others. Prices for these start at Rs. 99. More dining sets – plates, spoons and cups - with matching designs are stacked as well. One with bright blue-on-white patterns, another with oriental designs in red and black and more with delicate patterns in silver and gold, in materials like ceramic, plastic and polished steel, are worth a look. Dinner sets are priced starting at Rs. 599 for simple designs and plastic ones, while the ceramics are priced at over Rs. 899.

Glass and plastic storage jars are also available. On the other end there are a few fancy-looking clocks fitted to the wall, and shelves stacked with aromatic candles – thick, thin, long, stout and colored - and candle stands made of wood, ceramic, plaster etc.

They also have bathroom sets, complete with toothbrush stand, soap dish and tray. Prices for candle stands, accessories and bathroom set items start at Rs. 99.  The top floor of the shop is dedicated to furniture sets – living room sets with wide comfortable sofa and short wooden tables, sleeker ones with glass topped tables and colorful cushions. Dining sets for 2, 4, 6 and 8 made out of teak and oak are also displayed. The displays are frequently changed to exhibit newer designs. Dining table sets are priced at Rs. 8,500 onwards.

Our verdict – Home Centre has a reasonable amount of choice in home accessories and furniture items. Many of the products are reasonably priced, although some will seem a little overpriced for what they are. The staff is also helpful, and will take out things for you and help by pointing out items. It’s a good idea to look here for options if you are designing a new home, or want to pick up a quick gift before a party – a candle stand or a collection of aromatic candles. Parking space is available.

Anytime between – 10 AM – 10 PM

By Krithika Sukumar
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