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Makoba - Nungambakkam

  • Category:Books and Stationery, Shopping
  • Type: Stationery
  • Phone: 044-450085895
  • Address: Jhaver Plaza, # 1/A,
    Chennai - 600034.

Located in Jhaver Plaza at Nungambakkam, Makoba is one of the most frequented book stores in Chennai. Apart from the fabulous collection of Parker pens and Oliver pens, this book store stocks college books, school books, school stationery, office stationery etc. You can also source branded stationery items from Makoba. It is open from 10 AM to 8.30 PM.

Editorial Review

Makoba is a medium-sized store with glass windows and doors, located centrally on Nungambakkam high road in Chennai. It’s a shop that specializes in being a complete and dedicated stationery store, and is one that ‘focuses on quality’ at that. Folders, files, pencils...

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User Reviews
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Average Rating 3.67 
Mukesh's Review on 29-03-2010
1.00  1.00 star: Customer rating of Makoba,Nungambakkam

Makoba is one of the lousiest stationery stores I've ever seen. Their variety and display is trivial and far more costlier when compared to landmark or oxford. Customer is treated with utmost negligence and rudeness

Supriya's Review on 06-03-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Makoba,Nungambakkam

Makoba is truly the elite stationery store of chennai. They have fabulous writing instruments from best brands like mont blanc, porsche, giorgio armani and lot more. It is a pen paradise. The accessories from dalvey are excellent. One must visit the store

Radha's Review on 07-11-2009
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Makoba,Nungambakkam

Amazing array of stationery. The notebooks are stunning! Pens, pencils, files, the variety is fantastic. The best thing they have is a rainbow coloured organiser - which can be stacked or put up as a hanging on teh wall - helps to organise mail, files, etc. A great shop and even open half the day on Sunday morning.