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Mera Toy Shop - Nungambakkam

  • Category:Kids' Shopping, Shopping
  • Type: infants, kids
  • Phone: 044-28330084
  • Address: # 140,
    Chennai - 600034.
  • LandMark: Next to Ispahani Centre

Looking for remote-controlled cars, beyblades, Barbie dolls, toy guns, water pistols, doctor sets, bow and arrow sets, golf sets, mock castles, blow-up pools, tents, rocking horses and more? Then this is the place to go for kids of all ages.

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Average Rating 4.00 
C. Rajameenakshi's Review on 29-01-2008
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Mera Toy Shop,Nungambakkam

Be aware if you are taking your child to this shop. You will have tough time to bring your child out of the shop. I had a tough time with my kids. They will load the shopping cart with all the toys they see whenever we visit this shop with loads of instructions as to not to take all they see. A shop where you get lots of gifts for kids and teens.

Vasantha's Review on 04-11-2007
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Mera Toy Shop,Nungambakkam

The shop is huge ... and has lots of variety. You and your child will be lost in the maze.

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