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Naidu Hall, for all that a kid needs | Chennai

What you see - From a modest start over 60 years ago as a stitching unit-cum-shop catering to women (especially film artistes) Chennai’s Naidu Hall or Naihaa  (its current modern name), is today a multi-branch, multi-faceted organization that has grown on the trust of its innumerable loyal customers.

The second Naihaa was the 8,000 square foot branch in Adyar in 2004 after which the family went on an expansion spree and set up large showrooms in Chromepet (Chennai) and Salem in 2006. The recent launch of the 15,000 square foot Valasarswakkam showroom added one more jewel to the Naidu Hall business.

What you get - MetroMela checked out the Adyar showroom. The kids section is on the first floor. Although smaller than the T Nagar showroom, you pretty much get most of what Naidu Hall stocks for kids, here. From diapers of various brands like the cheaper Snuggies to the more expensive Pampers, Pigeon and Huggies (both Indian and foreign) to clothes of various sizes and prices, it’s all here.

For newborns, MetroMela saw some really cute unisex outfits made of fine cotton, guaranteed to wash easy and stay soft. There were really pretty socks too. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, oils, powders, lotions, spill-proof sippers, feeding bottles, ready-to-eat baby food, underwear, cloth diapers, towels, hand towels, blankets, flannel sheets, baby bags, rubber sheets… there is nothing a new mom will not find here. Or for that matter any mom of a child below 12 years.

Naidu Hall also has a collection of shoes for children, both local brands as well as sturdy and rather funky ones from the Disney brand. Ask the staff here to help you because the shoes are in two sections, one for babies and another for young children arranged in a haphazard manner.
They also have a vast range of toys to choose from, with prices ranging from as low as Rs. 15 for books (which make popular return gifts at birthday parties) right up to drive away battery-operated cars for more than Rs. 6,000. Large soft toys are also available here.

When it comes to utilities for kids, Naidu Hall certainly has a lot to offer. From walkers and prams to study tables and high chairs, the place is packed. The best thing is that everything is on display right in the center of the floor so that for you can walk around, touch, feel, sample and buy.

Our verdict - Naidu Hall’s staff is trained to be unobtrusive but helpful, like in the old neighborhood store kind of way. Did MetroMela like it? Yes. Did MetroMela feel it offers value for money? Yes.

The only problem with all the Naidu Halls is that they have very limited parking space (in proportion to the crowds). There is no valet parking so you will have to devote some time to finding parking space. And watch out for those no parking zones, especially in T Nagar.

Anytime between - 9 AM - 9.30 PM
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