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Talwalkars, for weight loss and maintenance | Chennai

What you see - Plush interiors greet you at Talwalkars. A reception with a glass front gives a view of the road outside. Three orange seats and black faux leather chairs in the background sit facing the juice counter in a nook.

The ground floor holds the women’s changing rooms and the massage parlor that has different timings for men and women. A level below is the ladies’ section of the gymnasium with eight trainers. This section has wall to wall carpeting in a cheery red hue.

The basement of the gymnasium holds the unisex cardio workouts and the men’s section, distinguished by blue-grey carpeting. It has nine male trainers, including the general and personal trainers, all in bright red T-shirts and trousers. The mirrors along the wall give you the illusion of more space in the already spacious gymnasium of 3,000 square feet. Lots of announcements and handmade posters line the walls.

What you get - They have various programs for weight loss, weight maintenance and physiotherapy. There are six treadmills and four cross trainers in the unisex cardio section. There are four stationary cycles too. They also have a rowing machine in the men’s section, a whole lot of weights neatly stacked along a mirrored wall, a climber, a stepper, a stretch machine (Precor), the Swiss and Medicine Balls.

They also have sauna, steam and showers in the gents’ and ladies’ bathrooms. The massage parlor has separate timings for men and women. They have massages with relaxing olive and lam oils; the latter helps in fat mobilization if used regularly. There is a dietitian too, with a consultation room of her own near the reception, and a weighing scale to see how far you are going.

Annual membership fees are around Rs. 18,000 and monthly ones at around Rs. 2,750.

Our verdict – The equipment and ambience seem impressive. The number of trainers is also good enough. The friendly staff had no qualms taking MetroMela around their place. We also liked their juice counter which had a range comprising watermelon, sweet lime, pomegranate, apple, carrot, beetroot and tomato juice. Parking space is available.

Anytime between - 5.30 AM - 10 PM
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