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Vasanth & Co - T Nagar

Vasanth & Co - Chennai.
  • Category:Electronics and Appliances, Shopping
  • Type: home and kitchen
  • Phone: 044-24347764
  • Address: # 15/8 A, South Usman Road,
    T Nagar,
    Chennai - 600017.
  • LandMark: Opp Bus Terminus

This shop is known for its competitive pricing in products like TVs, washing machines, mixies, toasters and DVD players.

Editorial Review

Ritchie Street, as every Chennaiite will tell you, is the best place in the city to find cheap yet good computers, computer peripherals, accessories and anything electronic - pirated, not pirated, with warranty and without...

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User Reviews
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Average Rating 3.33 
Vinod's Review on 03-01-2010
1.00  1.00 star: Customer rating of Vasanth & Co,T Nagar

They displayed a offer for LCD TV 19 inch on purchase of goods worth 1 lac.But finally they told on the purchase day that no such offer can be given as an immediate circular has come that day.We took a quotation for the goods on 31st Dec and decided to buy on 2nd.They told the offer exist till 3rd and when we asked for the quotation to purchase on 2nd they raised their prices and denied they never gave such quotation.Please be careful with what they offer.They are not keeping their promises.I never had a such bad experience before.

Jayalakshmi's Review on 01-07-2009
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Vasanth & Co,T Nagar

I am a regular customer of Vasanth & Co., mainly because it is a wonderful spot to shop for all kinds of electronic items. I recently purchased an electric Panasonic rice cooker at a good discount here. I have also bought television, DVD Player etc. from Vasanth & Co. and is very satisfied with their customer oriented service.

Ariyanayakasundaram's Review on 29-05-2009
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Vasanth & Co,T Nagar

it is very good shop for home appliances which give offers

C. Rajameenakshi's Review on 29-01-2008
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Vasanth & Co,T Nagar

When compared to many other branches of Vasanth and Co. this branch offers courteous demo and proper answering. The price of the products is also very nominal, I think this is because this is the first branch started. We have become a regular customer of this branch and have been purchasing many products for our home from this branch.

Latha's Review on 28-01-2008
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Vasanth & Co,T Nagar

Because it is in the Usman Road, parking the car will be a problem. But otherwise it is a very good shop to get competetive prices.