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Veena Daawat's cookery and creative courses | Chennai

What you see - A professionally qualified and experienced culinary expert with extensive knowledge and skills in various Napkin folding, Veena Daawat's classes, Chennaicuisines, Veena Daawat has made her cookery and creative courses a popular buzzword among the women in Chennai since 1990. She conducts these classes at her home in Kilpauk. Certified in Baking by University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore and the Institute of Baking Technology, Chennai, her baking classes are a special attraction. Other creative courses range from trousseau packing to dining etiquette.

What you get – Veena Daawat teaches only vegetarian food across several cuisines. These include Baking, Snacks, Chinese, Tandoori, Punjabi, Gujarati, Sindhi, South Indian, Marwadi, Soups and Pulavs, Indian and Bengali Sweets, Puddings and Desserts, Chocolates, Raitas and Salad Dressings, Ice Creams, Chaat, Continental, Indo-Chinese, Italian, Chettinad, Mexican, Thai and even Jain cooking. Other interesting options include Coffee-day special class where you can learn a variety of coffee, Tawa Talks (sautéed vegetables), Welcome Drinks, Chutneys, Pudis (Spiced powders), Milk shakes, Health Drinks, Juices and Jams, Suparis and Mukhwas (Mouth fresheners), Sandwiches and Vegetable Carving. Daawat even teaches how to make gourmet food from leftovers!

The Assorted Cookery course, the most popular, is a well-rounded one where you can learn up to 60 dishes (plenty of bonus recipes too) in two weeks with five dishes of each cuisine per day. Daawat says she believes in giving her students hands-on experience and ensures they’re given a chance to cook in the class along with her.

Daawat has a variety of creative courses on offer too. These include Decoupage Painting (cutting out pictures and pasting them to simulate a painting), Oil Painting, Ceramic Cone Painting, Pebeo painting, Soap flower making (where flowers are made out of soap), GifTrousseau packing, Veena Daawat's classes, Chennait-wrapping, Bindi Making, Stained Glass Painting, Tatting (lace handicraft), Candle Making, Fancy Pottery and Trousseau Packing (bridal shower/wedding packing). Her painting classes are for all age groups and inclusive of materials.

Another crowd-puller is her Saree Draping course. She teaches up to 30 different saree drapes over four days. To add to the frosting, she is up to date with the latest styles in food and fashion so you can always be with the latest trends. Her courses are open to ladies and children of all age groups.

Veena Daawat also conducts Fine dining courses, which is a three-day course on table and social etiquette which focuses on refining your table setting, napkin folding and table etiquette skills. She also conducts courses on beauty, hair care and hair styling. Her professional make up courses are her main highlight under her beauty courses where she covers basic, fashion and bridal make-up.

Our verdict – Veena Daawat believes that cooking, though considered an art by some, has become an inevitable skill that everyone, irrespective of gender, must acquire. So if you are a novice and are struggling with cook books, here’s your chance to go pro. Restriction to vegetarian food may be a limitation but the variety in cuisines is definitely good. Recipe printouts are not given so take down notes judiciously. Saree draping, make-up training and art classes are an add-on. Classes could be group-based or one-on-one.

Parking space is available.

Anytime between - 11 AM – 5 PM (Closed on Sundays)

By Amrita Samant
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