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Vivek and Co for home appliances and electronics | Chennai

What you see - Amidst the busy North Usman Road in T Nagar, this branch of Vivek and Co (also known as Vivek’s) is one of the oldest ones in the city, but absolutely fresh looking always. Through the glass walls you can see huge LCD televisions right from the traffic, playing random programs. It’s a corner building and cuts across two roads.

What you get - Anything to do with home appliances, durables, electronics, you name it and you get it here. You can literally fill your home with all the necessaries and luxuries of a contemporary family just with a visit to Vivek and Co. LCD/LED TVs, DVD systems, home theatres (Blu Ray and even 3D TVs are available), latest digital cameras and mobile phones and mostly men’s gadgets. There is a separate section for washing machines, ACs, refrigerators and a lot more home appliances and durables on the ground floor itself, while the first floor with filled with modern kitchen and other home appliances.
How many new inventions for the kitchen! There are electronic choppers to citrus juicers, food processors and wet grinders of all sizes and shapes, electronic kettles, coffee makers, toasters, cooktops and chimneys, what not. They also have vacuum cleaners of all sorts, even the latest robotic one that does everything on its own! There are water purifiers, rice cookers, microwaves and even hair dryers on this floor. All this and a variety of great brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Philips and many such to choose from. One place to be if you are wondering what to gift your wife or mother the next time. 
Now if you are looking for after-sale service, Vivek and Co is an awesome place to buy your durables. They make sure to do regular check-ups on your products and provide service from the retailers end other than the regular ones that the brand provides. They also have extended warranties, discounts and gifts along with each purchase. 
Our verdict - Vivek and Co is a legend in electronics and durables that it has won the trust of Chennaites over the years with its great service. It is well appreciated that they are still maintaining the same quality in both their products and service with an assortment that only increases by the day, making sure they update themselves with the latest available in the market, both in technology and brands. Definitely, it is the place to check out first in the market, when looking for appliances and electronics for your home.  They also have other branches in the city in central areas like Anna Salai, Mylapore and Adyar. Parking is available for two wheelers. Cars can be parked in the side lane, right in front of Vivek’s without worries, as there is ample space. 
Anytime between - 10 AM - 10 PM 
- By Swarna V Barath
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